Organizing Paper Clutter

Assign a spot for paper sorting.
Set up action files next to where you perform the paper task.
Reference papers need to be in a place close to where you need them.
Archived papers should be stored in a file cabinet
Daily distribute the incoming papers and place or file them.

Setting up your office for helping keep paper clutter at bay.
Shredder & Recycling Bin
Place the shredder and recycling bin next to where you will be sorting
incoming mail.
Simple filing system
Long Term: Medical Records, Tax Documents, Loan Documents,
Receipts & Warranties (These papers can be scanned and filed on a
DVD or flash drive), Reference.
Paper or wall calendar (Also a phone, computer or online calendar are useful)
Have a special holding spot for bills that get paid.
Have a tray for filing and file weekly.

When Tackling a Backlog of Paper

Establish a single spot for incoming papers to sort into 3 piles defined as Toss, File, Action Mark on each paper in the action file what the action needs to be. i.e. order, call, apply, needs a signature, reply e-mail.  Action papers should be in action file nest to at your desk.


Action files should be next to where you perform the tasks associated with the paperwork.

Reference files are like carryout menus, Binders or folders close to where you will think of the items is a good spot.

Archived papers are for permanent keeping and should be filed separately from current and active files.